Diploma in Jewellery

Start February Intake ONLY

Apply Preferred by 30 Jan

Major: Jewellery Techniques, Jewellery Design

Supporting Studies: CAD, Art History, Jewellery Technology

Start February Intake ONLY

Apply Preferred by 30 Jan

Major: Jewellery Techniques, Jewellery Design

Supporting Studies: CAD, Art History, Life Drawing, Professional Studies

This three year qualification will build a strong foundation of technical and design skills and workshop management in an integrated programme which includes design processes in 2D and 3D materials.

Through this curriculum students will develop the skills to be a self-employed studio jeweller or jewellery designer, or enter the jewellery industry as a jeweller.

Students could also pursue further studies in the Advanced Diploma.

Jewellery Techniques

Students will learn skills in a range of techniques and materials used in the jewellery workshop. The aim of this course is to give students a solid grounding in the materials and techniques required for making objects. While there are processes that are foundational to understanding the materials used, the course is designed to address specific technical needs of the individual.

These include construction, filing, soldering, stone setting, making hinges and catches, stone and hard materials, casting, enamelling and repouss are some of the techniques covered. Resulting in work that is well made and giving student a wide range of technical possibilities.

Tutors: Lisa Woods, Shane Hartdegen, Stephen Rose

Jewellery Design

The aim of this course is to give students an understanding of the theoretical and conceptual challenges required to investigate the creative process. Using a variety of approaches and materials needed to successfully develop a design language. As the course progresses students will be encouraged to develop their own areas of interest, allowing for individuality and an understanding of the greater context in which jewellery operates.

Tutors: Andrea Daly

Life Drawing

Using a variety of approaches, students will increase their visual awareness, observational skills, understanding of form and structure; and will develop an individual interpretation.

Students experiment in a variety of traditional and contemporary media to build up their drawing and mark making skills.

Tutor: Patrick Malone


We are an accredited Rhino 3D provider. The course covers all aspects of 3D modelling and rendering.

Students will use rapid prototyping to generate models of their work.

Tutor: Stephen Rose

Art History

The study of Art History enables the students to contextualise art & craft from a variety of periods and cultures and to define their place as an artist. Topics studied include historical and contemporary New Zealand art, Maori and Pacific, ancient cultures, Renaissance and aspects of European art, Modernism and Postmodernism.

Tutor: Maree Wilson

Professional Studies

Professional Studies aims to give students the ability to manage a career in the arts, including dealing with contracts with galleries and dealers, photographing work, website development, social media, proposal writing and funding sources, exhibition preparation and tax laws.

Tutor: Andrea Daly

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